Wednesday, June 29, 2005

29 Jun – Thank God

Same birdy passed by my cube, told me she forgot to tell me something abt last Fri for a farewell gathering for Mr Bird (birdy & Mr Bird not related). Birdy said one of the team member could see that ex loves the girl more than the bitch loves him. Obviously…everyone knows that… even himself.

I went over to have a chat with Mr Bird and he was at DVJ’s place, to bid farewell actually. I found out they are nice guys…willing to take their gf’s handbag…not like ex, he won’t, he said very sissy to carry a girl’s handbag…but I guess maybe now he won’t mind doing for his bitch. At least my Meow doesn’t mind…he always help me carry esp. when we cross the roads…dangerous ma.

So, today they are back from their ‘honeymoon’ trip…I was walking to May’s cube and saw the bitch from afar walking towards my direction, what a perfect timing. At first I wasn’t sure it was her as I didn’t have my specs on…but when I was quite sure, I smiled at her…she said ‘hi’ in a very reluctant tone.

On the way back from Mr Bird’s place, I walked back....saw my ex…dunno why, as I walked away…I felt happy…really happy…and glad I am no longer with him. :) Really Thank God !

28 Jun – If u dun wanna go Bali…

Then I get other guys to go with me….

This must be what that Bitch said to ex….

A birdy told me that my ex and his bitch is away on holiday….Bali wor ! KNS ! When I was with him, furthest we went was Genting, that also with his bunch of school mates…come to think of it, we never had that sort of vacation.

The person who told me looked more ‘pek cik’ than I…kept repeating…waaa Bali, she damn good, so fast can go Bali…

I was thinking in my heart….stupid idiot…and that birdy said “sigh…what happened to yr ex, he looked so smart….but now….sigh…wasted”

Sis called just before I went for supper, told her abt it, sis said “Bali now, what’s next ? Australia ? Europe….haha, wait till she squeeze him dry”.

So we shall see….

Allan’s back, so happy, we went out for lunch together, boy, he never stopped talking…as usual, long time didn’t hear his dramatic expression liao.

Meow won the match, so he will play again tomorrow. :)

27 Jun – Monday Blues

Didn’t go to work. Log in to do my revised report…checked and revert some mails. Read blogs. Checked my yahoo email, finally, managed to clear my 50+ mails in yahoo.

I watched some VCDs and rest…I didn’t have any proper meal till dinner time. Meow came back, I missed him so much, dunno why. We ate nearby his house and he left for his badminton match. I gotta update my posts for more that 10 days….before my memory lapses…

10pm++ Meow called, asked if I wanted supper, of coz I want la….i didn’t enjoy my dinner earlier, the fried bee hoon not tasty at all.

Ok, I better log off and get some rest.
Couldn’t visit Koko as Meow’s bz n me not feeling too well. 2 other colleagues on MC and Gavin on half day leave…I think it’s not a good Monday huh.

26 Jun – Bored or Crazy?

I didn’t go see him play. Somehow I have this weird feeling that I dun bring luck…so better not go…dun want him to worry abt me when I am around. He called after the match…as expected, he won’t the first match, Praise the Lord!

I had my first meal at around 5pm because I worked on my report. Dun wanna worry about it when I come back later. Had McD before he dropped me off to see Koko. Meow went to watch other players.

Mako came. We sort of accompany each other. She gave me a self-made patchwork blanket. Nice ! Meow likes it I guess coz he was using it at night.

Koko was a little naughty…he couldn’t talk much…maybe because he had tube from his nose and also couldn’t drink much, only very little sips of water. He signaled for me to bent over as he was whispering…so I thought he wanted somethjng….but duh…he gave me a naughty word in hokkien…teng !! That’s my brother, always like that, even sick and weak, still can swear…hah !

He got too bored sleeping too much…suddenly he asked Mako (first aunt) to sit on the edge of his bed…then he started massaging for her, showing her the right way…asked her to do the same for my Uncle (her husband). Then he would point his finger, and sometimes it looked as though he was ‘ordering’ a cup of Ice Coffee ?! He told me…”spending more days at hospital will make u go crazy…” Whoops, I hope he doesn’t.

His glucose drip started dripping from his hand….told the nurse, two came over to readjust and retape…dunno what they did…took them 15 mins ! I am starting to doubt the skills of the nurses.

Wilfred, SIL and SIL’s parents came over almost near 10pm all the way from SP. Wilfred brought his homework to ask me…his book was wet from Ribena which he didn’t close the lid of his Tupperware tightly. He was like a worm, couldn’t stop ‘wriggling’…I dunno how my SIL takes care of him, no wonder she’s so slim !

25 Jun – Koko Admitted again

Early morning, SIL called, they are in front of the house but dad asleep and hp off. I called Sako and she went to open the door for Koko, Wilfred and SIL. So I continued my sleep, however it wasn’t as simple as I thought. Later, Sako called to tell me dad brought Kokp to Hospital again…he couldn’t sleep last nite, was in pain. I was wondering why didn’t they go straight to the hospital ?

Meow was working, there’s nothing I could do then, so I tried to sleep again…but Chris called asking if I wanna go, I told him I can’t. Then Sako called again…my sleep…gone…so tired. Meow came back from work, rest for a while…we had late lunch at Genting.

I called Adeline who’s back from S’pore. She’s with SIA since left Erican. I was supposed to be flying but I turned down the offer 5 years back. She told me lotsa politics up in the air. Well, not easy money I guess. Told Adeline I could only meet her after 6pm.

Went to Loh Guan Lye to visit Koko. He looked weak. He started to puke out green slimy stuff which I’ve blogged earlier. After that he felt better. I decided to stay till dad came. Called off my date with Adeline.

Mako came with Wilfred my nephew. Wilfred was so happy to have Meow, his game friend. Took some pictures of them, so cute. Later, SIL and Wilfred went back to SP coz Wilfred has school on Sunday. In SP(Kedah), their off days are Fri & Sat.

I stayed in the room chatting with Mako. Poor Meow, he was there too, tired and I guess he had some rest on the sofa downstairs. Finally dad came around 9.30pm….Meow and I left and guess where we went ? Where else…Rojak !! Esplanade rojak, yum yum ! Too bad our belitung didn’t come. We slept early as Meow had badminton match next morning. A very important tournament for him. Pray for him.

24 Jun – Great weekend to start with

Lunch at Tesco…so convenient, no jam and free parking, some more can shop…I bought shampoo and mouthwash for Meow.

I was glad I had quite a peaceful day at work after lunch, morning was a little busy…then I was counting the minutes till 6pm. Better enjoy before next few weeks…will be very hectic as Qtr end is near.

Movie date with Meow, Roger and bro at Mega Pavillion….9.50pm show, were early…was waiting for the show….Initial D :) I just realized how sexy Jay Chow’s lips are and OPL looks a lot like him. She scolded me when I told her that, hehehe.

23 Jun – Discharged

Since koko discharged…I get to rest for few hours at home while Meow went for his game. I tried and did one necklace…so happy…will go get more materials this weekend.

Meow came and we joined his friends for supper. I quickly cleaned my sons’ cage and finally, able to sleep by 1.30am….so tired.

Monday, June 27, 2005

22 Jun – Koko better

Visit koko after work, tah pao sai to fishball tang hoon and koay teow thng. He wanted Satay...somemore begged me to buy him Char Koay Teow...said wanna take only 2 mouthful way man. He said "U are so bad, u are not human...treat me like this, pls la...I want satay..." Hahaha, poor thing, so pity...cannot eat.

At least he can walk/bathe…even smile. Am happy to see him smiling again, so much better than previous days.

21 Jun – Magician or Ah Sam (maid)?

Neck pain, not feeling too well…sms gavin, later boss. Log in…so many things, lunch with Meow, went back to office. Conference call ITS issues. A lot of issues today, dunno why, some more had to call DHL / distributor to arrange for the Marketing event shipment to send from SG to Karachi…sigh…it wasn’t my job in the first place…..but….sigh…as usual, anything others dun wanna do, it’s always our department. Marketing ppl got scolding from my boss when they wanted me to check the systems to ensure workable before deliver to Karachi….hello!! I am not technical sales person nor IT. What the heck…want me to inspect servers and storage…really crazy. We are process/operations specialist, not Technical expert or Magician. Damn…I dun have a magic wand with me….World Wide Shortage parts also expect me to push the Orders….haha…like I can do magic.

7pm left office, quick dinner then visit Koko, he can bathe and he looked much better. Dad came, we left as Meow has badminton. Back home, I ironed some clothes despite the pain on my shoulders and neck. Washed clothes…had to be very careful and slowly…felt hungry…took my nutrient drink….at last…some spare time to rest and update my blog. No time for my bead work tonigt, in fact haven’t had the time to do any since last week.

Stumbled into a familiar name on company’s address book and saw my dad’s gf’s daugther’s name….not sure if his gf mentioned before but hmmm….I wanted to say hi but I guess better not as I dun wanna create any unnecessary problem to his gf.

Am listening to CDs (burnt copies) which I gave to Dad for Father’s day….now these songs are so familiar…I am thinking he might already have these CDs…teng ! But the shop guy told me it’s the latest and just arrived 2 – 3 weeks ago…hmmm….maybe my Dad bought as soon as it was released. :[

20 Jun – Pai Seh nyaa….

Damn sleepy, worse….slight pain in neck. Wanted to take MC but got Dance class….a good motivation to get my butt off to work.

Saw Ex, he asked why lately I looked pek cik (tensed/stressed), I replied, not enough sleep.

Our cube neighbour came to talk to us…he even went to watch our dance class. Came to know he learned ballroom dancing since his 13 or 14 yrs old. He lives nearby my house.

After dinner with Gavin at Chef & Brew, we did something embarrassing, laughed till tummy ache. This will be our secret. Back to Meow’s place, didn’t visit Koko.

19 Jun – Bitch in Action again

I was sleeping and didn’t join Meow for breakfast. His brother came back from KL, and also another aunt from Singapore. One of his HPs rang…I wanted to answer, hesitated, and just when I decided to pick up the call, it stopped.

At first I didn’t realize it was her coz Meow had his contact lists in Chinese names…but then I recognized her name…it was his part time Bitch. Bitch called early morning from her house, what does she wants ? Too stupid to install something again or no one to accompany her for breakfast ? I used my own hp, SMSed her “U call Meow? Anything?” That bitch either dared not reply me or didn’t bother. Duh !!

My blood boiled….what does the bitch wants this time ? Thinking that she might be calling his other number, I couldn’t sleep liao…I tried to call Meow, damn…went to wrong number, all b’coz I didn’t key in the ‘+’ sign in front. Then I called Meow telling him, he said she didn’t call….well, she better not ! And he better not lie ! Why can’t she leave us alone huh ? I am sure they are many other guys waiting to ‘help’ her. Just dun cross over….no woman is generous enough to share their BFs. She already knew I dun like her calling Meow, and she dares to do again…can’t imagine how many calls/MSNs chats they exchanged at work. Ok ok…I should trust my Meow…but I dun trust that Bitch! Would all bitches please stay away ? Dun wait till this Aries woman here show her horns !

18 Jun – Full or Empty Lift ?

After visiting my bro, Meow and I decided to leave at around 10pm. We pressed the lift button to go down…the indicator showed “FULL”….the lift was coming down from 5th floor to 2nd floor where we were. Hmm…that’s weird…I thought to myself how could the lift be full at this time…and from top floor ? “Full?” I asked and looked at Meow. Then just seconds before the lift opened, an old lady came to wait with us…she too just visited a patient who shared the same room as my bro.

Ting ! Lift door opened…I looked straight ahead and turned back at Meow…we both raised our eyebrows…the lift was EMPTY wor ! Aunty went in, so we followed…silly Meow was trying to make fun….”ei, in front of u….eh, next to u…” I told him to shut up….duh…if that aunty wasn’t with us, I would have hesitated to take that lift.

Would u take the lift ?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Admitted again

My bro is admitted to Loh Guan Lye again yesterday morning. He complained of pain...the doc will only be in Monday. So far X-Ray done...he's better after he vomitted out...dunno what he ate...but the slimy green stuff he puked out....looked like baby food....reminded me of some French/Italian Mushroom soup. Dun think I will be taking any mushroom soup for a while....

I was there when he puked all over his shirt, sarong, blanket and bedsheet. I helped him wiped...luckily the nurse was around, so I left the job to the nurse. After that, he felt much better.

Then 2 church members came...the ladies prayed for him. Before that, Koko suddenly requested for the I passed to him, he opened to Psalm 91. The ladies started praying for him, Koko was touched and shed tears....then more church members came...I left the room, a little too crowded...and loud...sort of scared away one patient coz he left the room...

But I am glad that Koko felt better after that.

Friday, June 24, 2005

17 Jun – Wild vs Good Gal

Came into office, saw DVJ still around...chatted a while with him. He verified on Meow's he knows...i guess there's indeed a lot of KPCs around. I also got to know that ex went around his team members asking to borrow assignment for his bitch. He never bothered to help me with mine...he never accompanied me now he's shedding some of his ego for this bitch huh. She really has ways with's just that I am truly disappointed that ex got under her think he is ...was...special...duh !

Sometimes I wonder...what do guys look for in a girl ? Slim, fair, pretty, sexy...wild...smokes...sleep around ? To show that she is so damn attractive that all guys want her ? So, he must be proud to have won her....if only he knows he is being used....idiot !

Ok, better not talk abt this....boiling nya....

Was invited to join in ex-boss' team for lunch with big boss...u ex-boss has same boss with my current boss. So we went to Mun Shang Restaurant at BJC. After lunch...huh...we had meeting at the Restaurant...projector was brought along ! Asking us to do more stuff and after that talking about his survey result. Honestly, his result was only good mainly because of my boss' results reflected on his....some more he so damn high about it...if we were to be separated out, I am sure his score will suffer tremendously !

After work, I was busy working on my reports....Meow slept pretty early. I wanted to rush so that I don't have to work on Sunday.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

16 Jun - Bitchy bitch

Dunno why was feeling very hungry this I 'tah pao' Char Koay Kak from cafeteria...wanted to eat at my cube but then the smell might be too strong, so I went to the pantry...saw Jet &Grace (they're couple). They sat with me...we started talking and somehow the conversation went to my ex and C.M.Ling...Jet knew abt the new TS guy who said C.M.Ling is bitching him or maybe both ways...Jet told me that he warned the TS guy to stay away from C.M.Ling as she is my ex's bitch now. Jet also shook his head...he said ex is blinded by love, will not listen to anyone...but ex did tell Jet that recently ex has been spending a lot. long as he's happy...since he told me he prefers to love a girl more than a girl (stupid me) loves him. I do pray for him...not to separate them or anything, but I pray that he will make the right decision and be wise. If she is the one for him, then let her be true to him. God Bless them.

So far I only call 2 person BITCH - one this C.M.Ling and another is Meow's part time ex. Every time I see them, I really feel sick and wanna throw up. In fact, I feel like throwing up now....excuse me !

Koko discharged

Dad just called to inform that Koko is back to SP home. :)

15 Jun – Gallstones

Visit Koko. 'lau juak' Dad/Sako/Mako/Wilfred/Soo Lee (Sis-in-Law), SIL's parents were all there. I was happily snapping pictures of Wilfred my nephew. He talked non-stop. Wilfred challenged Meow to Ottello (dunno how to spell, I call it "Or Pek Chi") game on the hp & PDA. Young rascal always wouldn't let anyone win him. He knew he was gonna loose...he played for Meow when it was Meow nowadays ! Ish ish ish ~~!!

Koko was in still under drug after the operation, it was a major one...initially the doctor wanted to do the Laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery but in the end had to go for Open surgery (laparotomy)
He complained abt pain....poor thing. Could only pray for him.

To find out more about Gallstones, go google search...for those who fast or on extreme diet....please becareful.

Here's what I found on

Main factor - Cholesterol

Others :

Obesity. Obesity is a major risk factor for gallstones, especially in women. A large clinical study showed that being even moderately overweight increases the risk for developing gallstones. The most likely reason is that obesity tends to reduce the amount of bile salts in bile, resulting in more cholesterol. Obesity also decreases gallbladder emptying.

Estrogen. Excess estrogen from pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, or birth control pills appears to increase cholesterol levels in bile and decrease gallbladder movement, both of which can lead to gallstones.

Ethnicity. Native Americans have a genetic predisposition to secrete high levels of cholesterol in bile. In fact, they have the highest rate of gallstones in the United States. A majority of Native American men have gallstones by age 60. Among the Pima Indians of Arizona, 70 percent of women have gallstones by age 30. Mexican American men and women of all ages also have high rates of gallstones.

Gender. Women between 20 and 60 years of age are twice as likely to develop gallstones as men.

Age. People over age 60 are more likely to develop gallstones than younger people.
Cholesterol-lowering drugs. Drugs that lower cholesterol levels in blood actually increase the amount of cholesterol secreted in bile. This in turn can increase the risk of gallstones.

Diabetes. People with diabetes generally have high levels of fatty acids called triglycerides. These fatty acids increase the risk of gallstones.

Rapid weight loss. As the body metabolizes fat during rapid weight loss, it causes the liver to secrete extra cholesterol into bile, which can cause gallstones.

Fasting. Fasting decreases gallbladder movement, causing the bile to become overconcentrated with cholesterol, which can lead to gallstones.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

14 Jun – Food, I need Food!

Tah pao Nasi Lemak and burger for Koko. He also asked dad to buy him Char Koay Teow. He had to fast after 12midnight, so he wallop as much as he could. Crazy bro…he ate like he didn’t eat for days, hehe.

Meow dropped me as he had badminton. I stayed and went back with dad. Showed Koko some pictures of Sis and Ryan. I managed to make one bracelet before sleeping.

13 Jun – New cube

Today, sitting at my new cube, I can see a lot of ppl pass by as I am sitting in the front. Some stopped by to greet me…some asked why I looked so serious…I could only smiled or nod…I was having very long conference call….every Monday morning….sien !

Lucky thing got dance class after work today…yes ! If I am to be on MC on Monday, that would mean I am terribly sick. It’s kind of great to make the dance class a motivation to drag my ass to work every Monday.

Gavin talked to Facility Manager, we need to have 3 cubes not 2. Reserve one for our boss or team member when they come to Pg.
We will move again next month. Dunno how many times I moved cubicle liao….I think got more than 10 times since I joined this company. Fortunately this time I dun have much things, hehehe.

Nite dad told me Koko admitted for stones in Gall blader. Will go visit him tomorrow after work.

June 11 – 12

More or less the same like other weekends…work and Rojak :) Met up with P.Lin, Shirleen , Gigi & Will. P.Lin will be going to JB next week, so it was some sort like a gathering before she goes away to work in JB.

Meow and I watched Mr & Mrs Smith…quite enjoyable. I got a bag for P.Lin.
At least I still managed to enjoy my weekend.

June 10 – Back to Home Sweet Home

6.45am, I was up…after shower, woke Gavin…he was busy styling his hair while I took snapshots of the room…esp. the toilet….next to the toilet bowl, there’s one bowl just for u to wash yr ass.

Then both of us went down for breakfast while Reina & Beer still asleep…their flight at 2pm. Wow, the area was packed with ppl…we were lucky to find a place. Breakfast was fast, only 15mins as we had to catch our 11.10am flight to Penang.

We said our goodbyes to the girls. Took the train to KL Sentral, purchased RM 35.00 each for KLIA Express to airport….damn expensive. By 10.30am was waiting to board the plane back to Pg. Called Meow inform him will be reaching around 12noon. Asked if he could fetch but timing not nice….ok…but as soon as I came out from terminal….saw 1st ex’s sis. She’s working as Ground crew. Couldn’t talk much to her, too blur and sleepy. Turned on my hp, SMS from Meow. He was already waiting outside :) So sweet !

3 of us had lunch at BB…then Meow dropped us back to office. We still had to sit at the temp cube near toilet. I almost fall asleep a few times…really tired….went back, slept till next day for at least 15 hours!

June 9 – KL Trip with Team

I was the earliest to wake up. After shower, woke the rest. Reina was still in the room doing her report…we had to rush for our breakfast as Celia had a flight to catch back to Taiwan, she couldn’t join us for shopping in KL. I gave away our free buffet and show tickets for today to a couple and the rest passed to the waiter, told him he can use / give away.

S.Sum accompanied Celia to KLIA in a cab while Gavin, Reina, Me and Beer took another cab. It was the worst experience for us…except Beer, she didn’t feel a thing as she slept through the journey from Genting to KL town. The taxi driver thought he was a F1 driver or maybe ‘Thok Hoi’ of Initial D? He was driving so fast…3 of us almost puked in the car. Damn dizzy…I was seated in the middle while Gavin in front. Within 45 minutes, we reached Berjaya Times Square Hotel ! As soon as he pulls the handbrake, Reina got off the cab and squatted nearby….I was so dizzy…and trying hard not to vomit. Beer looked like she just woke up from some beautiful dreams.

Gavin went to the reception to check-in while 3 of us flopped onto the sofa at the lobby…worst thing was…the hallway was so long and it seems like a kilometer long to me before we reach the lift to our rooms.

Room is nice. Loved the bathroom. Bigger than my bedroom. But service not that good…we ordered for an extra bed for Gavin but the housekeeping only brought it up after at least 4 calls and it was already almost 1am….took so many hours ! My guess is they dun have enough staff, poor management.

Immediately after some 10 minutes rest, we turn on our PC, Reina was on her reports, while I called CA agent to check on an escalation…had to call TAM and then revert to Sales Country Manager. Gavin also quite busy…Beer was the only one who Zzzz….we call her Sleeping Beauty…she can sleep anywhere anytime.

3.30pm, S.Sum fetched us to KLCC. We had our lunch at Genki Sushi…so much more choices compared to Sushi King…too bad no branch in Penang.

S.Ping SMSed me asking what time meet up. Called her, will meet her at Sg Wang for dinner. Managed to buy 2 blouses…but the rest bought shoes/skirt/blouses….I guess it’s cheaper for them to buy in KL.

Met up with S.Ping at around 8pm. We had dinner at Italian Restaurant…Bkt Bintang there…can’t remember the outlet’s name. Had nice time catching up, even though only 2 hours. We walked back to my hotel…’tah pao’ Starbucks on the way….we parted at the LRT station.

Was waiting for the lift when I saw Reina & Beer…great! Reina went straight for her SPA/massage appointment while Beer and I headed to our room…at least we thought it was our room…I slotted the key card in…red light….tried again….same thing…weird…Beer doesn’t have the card as Reina took it. Then I tried one more time…still no green light…look around…OOoops !! It’s block B but same floor and room num ! :P Our room in Block A. Luckily no one comes out :P

Went back to lobby…walked all the way back to other block….mind you, it’s quite far (maybe got 100 metre?) We took the lift up again…and this time we were sure we had the right room…but damn…the key card not working ! Had to go down to lobby again, saw only 2 security guard at the Reception Counter…told them our problem…they asked us to go back to Block B to have the key changed. What?! I looked at Beer…she shook her head…we were too tired to walk back. Called Gavin, he was having ‘thong sui’ with S.Sum and another KL colleague. So Beer and I spent some 45 mins chit chatting before Gavin came back.

After shower, I went through with Gavin on his BPI training slides for presentation next day….next taught Reina on Vlookup on Excel. And Beer ? She was already in Dreamland. I slept at around 3.30am….damn tired.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 8 – Genting trip with Team

Had to go down town to Shangri-La hotel for breakfast with new senior director. I am impressed with the ways he tackle the issues we raised to him and the way he lined his suggestions, it’s so organized and detailed. He’s précised and clear…dun have to worry abt not getting what he was saying. Respect !

Boss was nice…she told Marketing mgr to do the report herself as she wants me to enjoy my trip to Genting & KL. After breakfast, went up to Reina’s room with Beer & Gavin to rest while Reina continued her report. We made a move by 11.30am to airport.

Checked in….I called Meow telling him I will call him again when I reach Genting. Boss passed RM 3000.00 to us for the whole trip. If not enough tell her wor.

7 of us took MAS to KLIA. By 2.10pm, we were on our way to Genting on a rented van. We asked the driver to stopped by Gotong Jaya. Had late lunch at A-GO-GO Seafood reastaurant. I ordered Coffee Ice while the rest had Coconut….yes, I need caffeine ! Boss seated next to me….we talked and somehow the conversation went to relationship…seems like both of our relationship are complicated.

4.30pm, resume journey to First World Hotel….other hotels fully booked due to school holiday season.

5.00pm, I accompanied Gavin to wait for our turn to check-in while the rest went to Starbucks to work. The queue damn long…we have another 80+ numbers before our turn. Checked into room by 5.45pm. We managed to get 2 rooms connected while another 2 not connected. SMSed boss telling her which room num as she was still on her hp at the lobby.

6.00pm, boss came up, bag still on her shoulder…she told us she has to go….back to KLIA, then to S’pore. She has to board morning flight to Maldives (her b’day present). Gavin and I couldn’t make her stay….however this is not the first time she come and go immediately….super busy lady! (Few days after our trip, Gavin & I found out boss lied to us abt her personal trip, she actually sacrificied to go back to work so that we could enjoy…and the RM 3000 was from her own pocket!! We were very touched and guilty…she made us promised not to tell the rest).

The rest of the team still dunno as they were having nap. I showered…then Gavin….we woke the rest up for Dinner. Quite rush…but we managed to have our dinner at the Hotel’s café…buffet, Indonesian style….we were a little late for our show – EXTREME ! The show/meals already in the package. I must say I was quite amazed with some of the stunts…I was like covering my mouth and almost my eyes when 4 motorcyclists did their stunts in a round cage. An enjoyable show.

After the show, we had a tour around other hotels and of coz Casinos…then headed back to room to get our laptops….what else ….work lo. We couldn’t connect to Timezone, was forced to either take Celcom or Maxis for connection…so I purchased RM 5.00 from Maxis for ID/pin. Too bad I cannot share the access and only one person can use at a time.
The girls decided to go back to room while Gavin go get his hands on the ‘tables’….I am sure he has luck…he’s always lucky.

I emailed Gigi, P.Lin and B.Nee telling them I was enjoying my favourite Frapuccino Espresso…it was 3am before I decided to shut down my laptop, low battery anyway…so I SMSed Gavin telling him I am going back to room, the moment I finished sending, I looked up, there he was, right in front of me….his expression showed like he just lost some $....celaka !! He told me at first he lost….then won…then lost till RM 50, the ‘sai lang’….and managed to get back his modal….and finally won RM 150. Oh…btw, till today, he never did receive my SMS.

I couldn’t sleep till around 4.30am….the shower kept dripping from time to time….earlier my boss told us her creepy experience in a hotel in Bangalore….respect her, damn brave….maybe will blog abt this next time.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

June 7 - Social day

Worked for few hours in the morning, then it was time to go second plant for lunch with other supporting departments. Boss and team mates are in Penang. All beautiful ladies. Babu from India couldn't join due to Visa not approved.

We were rushing for our reports before departing to Auto-City Sri Ayutthaya Thai Restaurant for lunch. Food is ok, I think Siriwan and Namprik are better.

After lunch, we went into the office in 2nd plant...a short tour for my other team mates who came from KL, Thai, Taiwan and S'pore. After the tour, immediately we on our PC to continue our reports and emails.

Soon, it was time to go back to island, stopped at Shangri-La to leave our laptops there. Next, Gavin brought the girls to Island Plaza for quick shopping....those girls are really top shoppers. Brandon and I decided to go straight to SS for our big event. We were considered early, so we took our door gifts - A collared shirt, a nice bag pus a mask...we went back to the car to put the things. Waited till almost 8.30pm before Gavin and girls joined us.

Lee Ling sticked with me during 1st half...then I joined old ex-team/boss for awhile before I went back downstairs to dance with Gavin, Mike and others.
Had quite a good time there...we got 3 free drinks...and I got another from my outside sales.
As usual, I have no luck with Lucky Draw...Gavin got a Wonder Woman doll, he exchanged with Marieane for a Batman. We danced with our boss, Marketing and my salesreps...then it was 11.30pm before we left.
S.Sum was quiet most of the time, she wanted to go back hotel to continue her Reina, Gavin, me and another S'pore Outside Sales - Alfred went for supper at the Greenhouse coffee shop.
The Char Koay Teow no good and not fully cooked.

I slept at around 3.30am....damn tired.

June 6 - Work from Home

It's Public Holiday's replacement day - Agong's B'day. I still need to work but I didn't go to office because :

1. I do not want Salesrep to disturb me.
2. I don't have a proper place to work, my temp cube is near the toilet...kind of spooky if no one else is back.
3. I can lie on the bed while working ;)
4. I can be braless when I work.
5. I can pretend not seeing the mail from Marketing...what la...asked if I am in the office, wanna discuss abt some reports...luckily I had my 'OOO' message on.

9pm, Gavin asked if I wanna join S.Sum for dinner. I didn't go, felt tired and sleepy.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Ulcer damn painful...probably due to lack of sleep again.
Haven't been sleeping well or enough lately.
Bro is hospitalised for stones in Gall these few days went to visit him at Loh Guan Lye...dun go there if possible. The admin/payment department sucks ! We are paying them $ yet we were treated like criminal...face like 'sei lou dao' ! KNS ~!
My bro's blood pressure shot up after coming back from there 2 days ago...

He had the surgery yesterday, hopefully he recovers soon.
Pray for him everyday...actually I pray for everyone in this world.

Still cannot steal time to update my blog since June 5th....and my memory slipping by the day....duh ~ !!

Monday, June 13, 2005

What do u do when...

U came back and found a cup of hot steaming Nescafe (bought from coffee machine) on your desk ?

Do you :

1. Drink it immediately?

2. Ask around whose is it ? Leave it for awhile, then drink it?

3. Leave it there waiting for someone to claim...throw it away later (if no one claims it) ?

4. Throw away immediately ?

5. Others....?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Away for the week

I will be busy visiting another plant and going for a company function tonite - SS.
Tomorrow heading to Genting and then KL on Thurs and back Fri. Hopefully not exhausted...

Hmm...sounds like "out of office" message :P

Monday, June 06, 2005

June 5 - Enjoying the Norm

Waking up, no Meow next to me…I washed my clothes, clean my babies’ cage…so hungry, cooked instant mee. On TV and laptop…nothing much to watch…then I saw ‘Cheating Death’ on Astro. That had me shedding tears hearing stories of ppl losing or almost losing loved ones…reminded me of my mom, grandpa and grandmas.

Was busy doing my report when Meow called and asked if I wanna eat. He tah pao laksa and chicken wing for me. Laksa again…hehehe, that laksa under a tree…in Sg. Ara (near Fishermen’s Grill) nice ma.

We went for Rojak again….and also Belitung. Two of us had RM 8’s rojak ! Yum yum….still early…so I suggested we go Tesco, wanna update some snacks. Saw some colleagues there. After so much walking, I wanted to eat something solid…so I tah pao French fries. I know…fattening food…ya ya…never mind la, weekend, can ‘por kai’ for once. At least I get to enjoy my weekend.

Back home….log-in to send my report and check mails. Marketing wants me to amend my report…what la….sien nya. Replied her with my concerns….see what she says tomorrow.

June 4 - Uncle Visit?

Woke up late…like a pig…I think I had my beauty 12 hours sleep.
Will meet P.Lin & Gigi for dinner at around 7pm….so Meow and I had laksa first.

We had big silent fight over a tiny thing. He did not go for dinner, still I managed to have a good time with the girls and Will (Gigi's bf).
We sort of broke off…I was trying hard not to think too much. But back home…I started to miss him. He sent me a sms which then melted my heart. So, back to normal I guess. WIthin half year, we broke off like .... 3 times? Hmm...he must be having 'uncle visit' that day.

I was having flu that night anyway, so I took medication and zzzz.

June 3 - Very small world

I shifted my stuff to the temp cube. Luckily I dun have much things, unlike last time, 4 years accumulated stuff, took me about 3 hours (including placing back those stuff nicely).
This time, I only had about 8 – 10 little soft toys on my cube, some notes on A4 papers, a drawer, my chair…that’s all….lucky thing I am using laptop…so I only 3 – 4 trips. Oh…of coz I forgot to mention my water bottle, pot and my Starbucks cup….and also my big bottle of Nescafe Gold, Sugar, Milo….just dumped into my drawer and push to the temp place. The place I sat, I can see which guys going to toilet, vice-versa. So, I had so many ‘visitors’ that day. They would perli me…’ei, u jaga (watch over) toilet?”
I would give them a smile and replied “yeah…50 cents please!” Why 50 cents? My standard charge…anyway good ma, I can buy coffee from the coffee machine. Just nice, 50 cents nya.

I didn’t have proper lunch…had ‘Ban chien Kuih’ (pancake) from cafeteria, not nice, too sweet…so I was hungry by 4pm. Wanted to go get something…on the way, saw a guy, familiar, must be the Logistic Director whom I failed to contact regarding lunch, one turn…he was gone…how how ?? I tried looking around, cannot find wor. Finally I went back to a lady he was talking to, confirmed with her it’s him….on the way…met someone…kena stopped to talked for a while…damn…I was hungry….then finally can go get my food…waaa…yummy, got ‘cucur’, bought a stick (3 pieces)…so happy…walking back….hp rang. Gavin asking for favour from BKK.
Had to go CA, then Jess, then fax some docs over…and then sent mail…update Gavin….then…saw that Logistics Director in GM’s room…yes! Went inside, politely excused to interrupted his conversation…message passed ! Walked back to my place….damn….5pm ! Finally, I gobbled down the 3 pieces. Ahh…never felt that good.

Had dinner with Meow first. He took my babies back to his place before he goes for badminton. I was ready by 8.30pm for P.Lin but her friend not yet….duh….she finally came to pick me up at 9.45pm. Introduced to Joanne, Tracy and can’t remember the other guy’s name but he look a little like Leo Ku (younger version). Whole session through, only Joanne, P.Lin & I were talking. Joanne’s so sad about her ex. She also cannot let go…her case is worse as she has no reason to let go. Her ex still treats her good…my guess is, he wants some space for himself now that he finished studying and started working. As she was telling me abt the ex, I felt like her ex and mine had similarities…so I asked “is your ex a scorpio?” Haha…she said yes ! And what a coincidence, I know her ex….not very well but last time I went to Glo, he was there. And her ex is now in my company. She told me, her ex mentioned that there’s a girl courting him…and her name sounds like M.Ling ! Haha….could that be C.M.Ling? Whoa…now….this is really juicy !

12.30am, the gang wanna leave…P.Lin didn’t wanna go home yet. Ok, so we went to Screwball for a drink. We had a good time talking (over the loud music). Back home by 2.30am, I think I felt a little dizzy with beer. Had shower (my hair smelled of cigarettes, eweee !!) and washed my hair with lotsa shampoo. Meow was still playing games on his PC. Zzzzz around 4am.

June 2 - Admin for the day

I am so glad I get to enjoy some peace at work. Really thank God. Nothing hectic except I had to call 30 ppl to ask if they are going for lunch treat by my team next Tues. Most were already away or on leave…so I had to dig out their mobile numbers. Called 4 -5 times, finally left messages. I felt like an admin for a day,

Gavin didn’t have much luck. He was very pek cik. Waited for him…we had our lunch at 3.30pm, cafeteria. Saw some of my Salesppl. They came down to buy something. I guess they must be thinking I was damn free to have tea break….ya, tea break I wish !

Gavin had to leave for BKK again…big deal, part shortage...had to hand-carry again. Poor thing…he will go next morning. He had to shift his stuff away tonight coz weekend, our cubicles will be gone, renovated. Temporary will have to sit next to toilet for a week. Lucky thing next week we will be away for 3 days.

I did another bracelet and was happy coz it turned out better than previous ones. Was chatting with P.Lin when I made the bracelet. She asked me to join her to Segafredo Fri night. Ok, so appointment with Gigi shifted to Sat night. Hopefully tomorrow no issue.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

June 1 - Goodbye Peace

No more peaceful day at work…I had a bad feeling when I press the power on button of my laptop the moment I reached office…yeap…I was right, I saw the mail from the most 'noisy' TL (team leader).

"Joez…need you to look into this immediately…."

Ya…in fact, all mails coming from her has similar statement. What a day to start with.

Lunch…2pm+…had no choice but to take Nando's as we had to book our flight tickets for next week to KL, then proceed to Genting. I dun like Nando's…the spicy taste not 'ngam' la…maybe because got a little sour taste ? I prefer more ummph ….like cili padi, sambal, curry….more kick ma!

If you have no idea what is cili padi, go click here on 5xMom's yummy website :

And here for the sambal (the small bowl):

Waa….see the pix liao also drooling…me still haven't take lunch.

Ok, off topic for a while…hehe…back to June 1st…

Oh…early in the morning, Ashotiwoth stopped by my cube to say hi…he was still talking to me when suddenly my god-bro came up and before he could open his mouth or move a muscle…I stopped my conversation with Ashotiwoth and quickly searched for my pen knife…

Yes, got it and pointed to god-bro, "Don't u dare…go away or…."
And so he did…
Ashotiwoth was left with question marks….hehehehe.

But later in the afternoon…god-bro came over to bully me again….duh !!
I guess after next week, I will be pretty safe when I moved to new cubicle. :P

No badminton for Meow…yeah…can spend more time…
Yeah, we are together but he busy with his pc games, and me with my laptop…checking mails n reading blogs in btwn…then Meow had a nap…that was when I received a call from the CM (Country Manager).

"Hi Joez….sorry to call u this late…" (Hmm…since the first time, u have been saying the same statement also)."…bla bla bla….pls help….urgent….bla bla bla…thanks…"

Me…."ok, ok….will check with….revert….no problem….i am 24 hours available (forced to say, actually hoping he get the hint)…" :[

After that call….type type type….then surf a while….look at the time, waa…11pm+, woke Meow up…me hungry…only me had supper. I think he had too much sour candies earlier.

Took the small fishes back (Meow bought to fish his big fishes but I pitied the little ones, so he packed them back)….and poured into my dad's aquarium :P
Dad said I should feed them to his flower horns….no way man !

I quickly wash my clothes, wash the hamsters' cage….1am liao…good, got another hour…so I did another bracelet before I call it a day at 2.30am.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

May 31 - Let Go, I Will

Nothing much happend for the day except that I MSNed my ex voicing what is disturbing me.
It is up to him now...whether he thinks I am jealous or concern as friend....
He did thanked me for my advise but I doubt it was sincere.

Ok, I have done my part, I shall move on. May God bless him.

I slept around 3am...was busy doing my bracelets.