Monday, November 28, 2005

Sep 12 - BPI class

Starting today till Fri, have to go for BPI training at PSDC. Luckily not me alone, my team members (Celia, Reina & Beer) also there. They flew in last nite.

There were like 8 tables, each 3 to 5 ppl. Ewe Jin, Celia and another Marketing guy Jason shared the same table. SK the trainer is kind of new, this is his first BPI class. Sam, an 'Ang Moh', is there to evaluate SK and also helped out if necessary. He is the BPI 'Guru'.

Class is ok, SK is a bit soft. He lack some presentation skills. Tone is mostly monotonous and couldn't quote us examples more relevant to our jobs. GB from HR asking a lot of questions, and giving comments....causing distractions to the class. She was like 'keh gao-gao' (act smart). 'Buey ta han' sama her. Duh ~ ! What to do, she is from HR training, so she thinks she knows better. Celia couldn't stand her. But she thinks GB looks like HK Actress Sit Kah Yin though. Uueek ~! The real actress is far far better leh. :P

Lunch, we threw aside our lunch coupon and jumped into Gavin's car with boss waiting. Went to Jurin for lunch. Unfortunately we had to wait some 40 mins before our food came. Really frustrating when u have to keep chasing, we needed to rush back for out class ma.

Jas followed us in after that, we were half hour late. She got to talk with Sam, her Si Foo and now good friend. They talked for a while before she left as Gavin was waiting for her.

Class ended quite early today. Gavin n Jas came to fetch 4 of us. We stopped by Starbucks e-Gate for drinks and internet access, unfortunately, no access yet, so we left lo...went to Gurney Plaza's Starbucks. Jas treated us coffee. What I ordered ? What else....Frappuccino® Espresso - without cream, yummy !
We finished my revised scorecard report. Beer went to look for her SKII. Everytime she comes from BKK, she will buy some back, it's cheaper here, even Vincci, it's almost half price for her. She didn't buy any yet, went to get brochure to 'study' first.

We had delicious seafood at Crab Village. We had 'chi leh' (I called it helicopter coz the shell looks like one), salted prawns, grilled crabs, etc (cannot remember), but we were very full. The place is kinda cooling, open air at the backyard...kind of nice. Variety might be limited but taste is still good.

Didn't see Meow today coz already quite late when Gavin dropped me home.

Sep 11 - Zana's Housewarming

Meow designed while I made Zana a pair of earrings. We also shared present with the guys for her housewarming party.
Her apartment is just next to Gigi's. Nice place. We had late lunch at her place. The guys got themselves comfy on the sofa. Meow dozed off for a while. Very the can.

Sep 10 - Dress...not Cheap

Saturday, yippee ! Can shop till drop :) er...I mean till knees drop, not that rich ler.
Went to Prangin Mall to shop for a dress. No choice, other dress I have, mostly black colour, dun wanna offend Sui Eh on her wedding day.
Got a lightgreen/black/grey/white patterned dress for RM 135.00. It's not ankle length but slight below knee.
Heck, most women shoes might be cheap, but dress definitely not leh. Cannot afford to buy always, sure koyak. Somemore if you have to attend few wedding ceremonies of your colleagues...then surely cannot 'recycle' your least not so soon...duh !

Had Japanese food at one of the stalls at dunno which floor, can't even remember the name so so nya. It's located at along the corridor, can look down to ground floor.
Went back that time, KNS ~ !! Parking rate (basement) RM 2 per hour. Cut throat nya ~ !!

I almost forgot Meow has badminton friendly match, luckily he still has time to make it there.
I had my dinner at 1am, he 'tah pao' fried rice for me. Made crystal balls pendant.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Time Flies

Today (24 Nov), I was housekeeping my mails and realised I have not replied to Bee Nee for a long time. Ok, so I did and replied all :

Dear dear ladies...time flies....yesterday while searching for an envelope, I stumbled upon my 1991's diary...yep, Form 3 huh.
I realised I wrote a lot about Band practices (gee as if I got other things beside that), us, juniours, sir, performances.

Bee Nee...we went to Singapore (did u go too ?) for the Music Camp tour thing. I also wrote about Chew (french horn player) arguing with us during our Queue for dinner at the year end Music Camp. After then we became good friends. Can't remember if Gigi and Bee Nee went or not.

Lets see what else...oh, we cleaned the storeroom...oh, OPL and I had to take care of the uniforms and gloves, etc. before our Sports Day performance, that day sch ends earlier, we rehearsed, so after our rehearsal, Ms. Ho asked us to stay in Gym to take care of the stuff.
Before the formation starts, I felt dizzy...think that was the only time I felt that...remember I always feel dizzy during assembly...but dunno why I can tahan during band performance. I guess must be due to passion for the band ;)

Oh, that was also the year where my class sold Ice Ball at our food and fun fair, and Sch Band sold cakes (i think). Lay Guat and me were in the Straits Time's where they captured my class' stall.

I complained about sir 'scolding' me over the recruits not doing well enough....they didn't put in effort to practise and sir said :"You better do something about it, Joez!" I think that time I felt hurt a bit... I am not sure if you girls felt that before, I mean, the pressure and responsibility, some more frustrations when yr members not determined.

Well, I didn't write much and I didn't read all...just some memories to share lo.

Now, 14 years much has changed.
My sis is celebrating her 3rd Anniversary today. Anak also besar...Bee Nee also expecting soon...Gigi getting married, OPL put on more weight (compared to schooling time - Gigi and I agreed over our Band photo), more attractive....but u know what, some things never change .... our characters ;) and our friendship :))

You girls are Best Pals ! God Bless always !
It's also thankful for everything I have.

Sep 9 - Smelly or not ?

Gavin & Chris made me eat at YakiTeppan, I sort of 'ban' that place coz my clothes will smell of food after makan. 2 against 1, kalah lo. At least this is not as bad as SSQ food court. That ban will never be lifted :P Sorry la, I know lotsa good food there but really cannot tahan ler...very stuffy and smelly ler.

Luckily we were early and not so much frying in the kitchen, so this time my clothes didn't smell la.

Dinner time, choo-char at Leng's Aunty....damn....makan a lot these days, chia lat.
Meow went for badminton but unfortunately no one there...kesian.
I stopped my beadwork by 10.30pm. Tired.

Sep 8 - Routine

Supposed to still be on MC, so didn't go to office. I treated Sako and Mako lunch at Jurin. Long time didn't makan with them ma. Today they didn't argue...thank God.
These two sisters, one like to cakap/gossip, another dominant and sometimes impatient....susah la. Headache. Can see they enjoy the Japanese food. Glad la.

Dinner time makan KFC pula...I know, I know....calories and fat added :P But the spicy chicken damn crispy leh.
Fat also cannot help la, not everyday makan ma.

Bought some beads materials before Meow went for his badminton.
His badminton time is my beadwork time ;)
Made more earrrings....satisfied...went to bed. This has actually became my routine nowadays.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sep 7 - MRI Scan

Although I made appointment, I still had to wait to see my Doctor. Reached there 11am. Sako and Mako went shopping, but I still have to wait for the Guarantee Letter before the MRI scan can be done. Called my Office's Clinic, they helped me to chase the insurance company. I was told that the letter was faxed back...that was already 3pm. I had to wait for my told my aunts to go back and will get Meow to fetch me back.

As I didn't want to stay overnight, the hospital gave me a room for maternity mothers....alamak. There's one special corner with machines to pump the milk out. One lady who was there pumping for ....gee...I think nearly 2 hours ! Tak sakit ke ?! Of coz got curtains. Damn...I didn't bring any books/magazines. Went down to the store, they only have chinese magazines. Chia lat....damn bored and can't sleep.

5.40pm - finally went in for the MRI scan....pretty scary. I have to strip and change into the gown, no metal problem, I read abt this in internet earlier, so I took off all my jewelleries. watches before going to Loh Guan Lye this morning. A guy asked me to lie on the board, gave me something to hold and to press in case I cannot bear. Told me there will be very loud noises....ya, damn loud noises leh...and oh....I shouldn't move....and better to close my eyes.

Slowly I enter into the cylinder thingy, I closed my eyes...the thumping noise became heartbeat beat faster times I felt as though I was in a disco. I open my eyes to, what a small space, all white (i think coffin is more spacious), so I decided to close my eyes for the rest of the whole process. Goodness, when you u are told not to move, guess what....I started to feel itchy here and there....duh ~ ! But cannot move, I tried to deviate my attention to the loud noise, alamak, lagi nervous...then I started praying...ahh...the noises became music :)

The whole scan process took 35 mins and I was told that mine was fast ! Can't imagine if I need to stay in there any longer :P

Went back to my temp room to wait for Meow, he came right after work. We had the yummy Char Koay Kak near Union School. Unfortunately sudah digested by the time I went to bed at 2am...must be all the energy and calories consumed while I worked on my beads. So late liao, went to bed hungry lo.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Am I your Close Friend ?

Just now (as in today Nov 18) I had to reboot my pc after our IT upgraded my MSN signed in again...hence it will prompt to whoever added me that I am online.
Few seconds later...I got a message....from Mysterious Chuah...what a surprise.

He wrote : leng lui... testing Me : test fail... :p

Then I ask him when wanna join us makan lunch again....which he did not answer....instead
He wrote : u'r the most prettiest gal that i have know among my friends (dun tell others aah??)

Me : ohh...thanks, do u tell other girls same thing?

He : y u said so?? u are the 1st one i said like that. my words is only close friend like you can say like that... the rest i won't say so

Waaa...I am his close friend...let's see, either he doesn't have many close friends, or his definition of close friend is, we only had lunch like 20 times over 2 years and he never tell anything abt himself or life...dun share secrets...hardly talk to each other, only smile and exchange few words when bump into each other (even that I had to start a converstation - u know me la, good PR, ueekk ~! ). So, I am his close friend, WOW ! Very honoured.

Oh, talking abt PR, Gigi just labelled me that, she said I have very good PR. I joined her for lunch today since Gavin is away to Pangkor for trip, invited by Sales. She wanted to find envelope, so I brought her to CA dept since I know high chances they might have. Jen not in, MC, so I asked another guy, he doesn't have, looked around, ah...Carmen...Gigi looked worried, she asked if I know her, I said can ask, what a luck, she has. Great !

We then proceed to Cafeteria which is quite a long way. Along the way, I met a few ppl and exchanged smiles/hi. Gigi was rolling her eyes and smiling...I asked her what's up...she said...seems like I know everyone who passed by, gee....I didn't realise that. Aiya, I told her, only so happen nya...mana tau, another half journey, I met some more...alamak....kena perli. I told her my sis punya PR better than mine. Gigi said if my sis works in my office, sure the whole company knows her....hehehe.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sep 6 - Mysterious Guy

Met mysterious Chuah at SSQ market during lunch time. Invited him to join us, at first he looked reluctant...still, he sat with us but didn't really talk, only answering some of our questions (to break the silence).
He treated us egg tarts (coz we treated him few times).
We always have to 'pre-book' him for lunch....need to give at least 3 days heads-up if want to invite him to join us lunch. Not that he goes out, he usually lunch-in, brought own food most of the time. Oh, talking abt food, he said Penang food is no good...walau eh, what sort of Penangite is this eh ?!

What else....oh ya....he doesn't like chinese girls...thinks all girls are only after his $. Asked questions like :
Why do human need to eat / work ?
Why guys need to have gf/wife? He said a robot will do....[duh !]
He hunches. I once asked him why he looked on the floor when walking, he said b'coz he's too tall and if he walks straight, ppl would think he's snobbish. [Double Duh ~!!]
We tell some jokes, he said we are cute....?! Er...obviously I think he needs to go out and mingle more la.
Ok, enough of him for now.

Gavin told me boss wanna send flowers tomorrow, me going for MRI scan and had to be 'admitted'. I told him no need coz I won't be staying overnight, just for insurance claim purpose.

Meow didn't got for his badminton tonigh, instead, brought JJ to my house. Ron was so jealous yet excited. But I dare not let him go near JJ.