Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Handmade Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals - Black and White AB crystals

New Swarovski Crystals Bracelet waiting to be yours. Perfect as gift too.

You can get it free here at Shopee. Don't forget to sign up and use my referral code : JOEZL223.

Elegant and unique design to suit any occasion, suitable for formal or casual wear.
Stainless steel hook and jump ring.
Silver plated extender chain to adjust to your wrist length.

Measurement : 
Extended chain with end Swarovski Crystals : approx. 5cm
Main Swarovski Crystals : approx. 15cm - 16.5cm
Hook (Lobster claw) : approx. 2cm

Most of our items are in stock. 
Contact seller if wish to customise length and colours. 
Please allow additional 7 - 14 days for customised orders.

For more handmade jewelleries, please check out here at Facebook.



Thursday, August 01, 2019

Reggie the Gorgeous ginger kitten gives Love and hope to have a home

Anyone can give Reggie love in return?

He is the only 1 out of 6 kittens that survived. He lives in the mosque with his mommy but not for long. Uncle from the mosque said wants to bring them to a market coz they pooped. Which cats don't poop?

Markets are already full with cats and kittens. Most are sickly and under nourished. Some got kicked, abused and splashed with hot water. Human are capable of many cruel actions. 

He can give you lotsa luv. He's quite independent now because his mommy has to take care of new kittens. Please help to find Reggie a loving home. 


Sunday, July 28, 2019

Is RM 20 is too much for the cats/dogs?

Not everyone loves cats or dogs or animals. It's not about love, it's how they see the strays as. From what I gathered, it's related to ONE word, INCONVENIENCE.

Maybe RM 20 is too much for them to fork out for donation to the shelters or to feed the strays.

But if it's for a cup of coffee or a mcD meal, no problem. 

Here are their top reasons:
Because those are just strays.
Because someone ELSE can feed them.
Because we should not feed the strays, too many of them, they are a problem.

But who is the problem in reality? Human. They abandon their cats/dogs when it is inconvenient for them. Like how? Like when they pee/poop in the house, when they have skin problems, when they make noise, when they have health issues, when they are old and/or sick, when they are no longer cute....WHEN their pets become a PROBLEM, WHEN it is INCONVENIENT to them!

Solution? Abandon them somewhere. Someone else can take care of them. Market is a good place. Coffee Shops also can. Road side maybe. Near the dumpster also can.

Sure, those are good places for food source.
Good places for them to multiply. Goods place to catch disease. Good places for human to torture them, kick them, splash hot water on them, feed them human food so they can get sick and develop cancer.

What can they do instead? Get them adopted. But, wait. Who wants to do that? It's INCONVENIENT. Too much work, too much time. 

Throwing them out, abandoning them somewhere is easier. Someone kind will help them. 
Someone else who is kind?
Someone ELSE, yeah we know. Everyone knows. 
But wait, kindness has limitation, Inconvenience is what limits most people. Maybe that's why we still have so many strays because Kindness lost to Inconvenience.

Can you be that Someone ELSE who is kind, starting today?

If you wish to start, whatsapp +60124771525 / email
Thank you!


      Photo credit to Alen Lok

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Looking for Organic Barley Grass drink? With live Enzyme? You've come to the right place

This Barley Green is product is Alkaline. It's easy to drink and very effective. Most cancer patients have recovered after consuming this product, changed their diet and lifestyle.

Barley Green is also safe for pregnant women and children. It's organic and vegan-friendly.
It's cheaper than bills to doctors and hospitals. It has 16 multivatimins and 17 minerals. Save your money buying all those vitamins. Ask me if you need to know more.

• Wholesome Organic food supplement
• High energy food • Highly alkaline • Abundant in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and live enzymes • Concentrated nutrients are fully absorbed once consumed
5 top benefits : · Anti-Aging · Anti-oxidant · Detoxification up to cellular level · Enhances immune system · Increases stamina

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Use my Shopee referral code - JOEZL222, get RM8 off!

If you are into online shopping and want to try Shopee, use my referral code : JOEZL222. You get RM 8 off your first purchase. 

I've said lotsssss of RM buying pet food, groceries and basically anything from here!
Eg. one packet of Whiskas Wet Pouch selling at RM1.65 in most supermarkets, with Shopee, I managed to purchase btwn RM 1.20 to RM 1.30 per pouch. Don't forget to check in daily for coin rewards and look out for discount vouchers by sellers! Oh, and click to claim those Free Shipping Vouchers as many as you can! Don't click also they give. Yeah!

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Happy shopee-ing!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How many days can I go without much sleep?

For the past few months, I had been sleeping very little, averagely 3hrs a day. Odd hours too.
Last two days, I slept only 1hr a day. This week I am going to be very busy. I wonder by Friday, will I still be able to work without biting anyone?

I'm counting on coffee to help keep me sane and alive for now.

Anyone ever had such sleep deprived experience?
How was it for you? Comments 😃

Monday, March 25, 2019

Free Kittens for Adoption (Penang, Malaysia)

Good news for cats lovers! 

These two kittens are for someone with a big heart and love for cats. They are just so sweet and lovely together.

Charlie (short for Charlotte), ginger kitten, was found on early morning of 15th March 2019 with a collar and bell. Someone had abandoned her and she was seen eating grass earlier. She has no idea about the danger of traffic and we could not leave her there. She is litter-box trained and is very active. She has so much love to give and in return she asks for love, home and food.

Tilly (short for Mathilde), grey and white kitten, was found on early morning of 17th March 2019, believed to be the latest batch from Moo Moo’s (a female stray cat) litter. She is too young to walk and cross the roads to their ‘home’. Way too many cars at McD drive thru. She is free from Corona virus and looking for a forever home. She loves playing with Charlie (another ginger kitten we found 2 days earlier). It will be great if Tilly and Charlie can be together.

Please spread the love and hopefully they catch someone’s with a BIG MEOWY heart. Call/Whatapp +60124771525 for enquiry. Share these photos/post. Thanks!

To view photos of the Stray cats/kittens we have been feeding, click here.

If you wish to contribute, you may transfer to my Maybank account 157054857541 (Josephine Lim).
Your generosity will help ease us on expenses for food, medication and donation to a shelter at
PM or whatsap me for info (+60124771525)
Support us at

Please share our post/album/pictures.
Thank you in advance.
Much Love,
Us and Meowssss

Monday, November 26, 2018

What can Barley Green do for you and your body?

Here's the info on the Barley Green product taken by my dad and got him cleared from Colon cancer (Stage 2). He changed his diet and lifestyle completely.
In summary :
5 top benefits :
·         Anti-Aging
·         Anti-oxidant
·         Detoxification up to cellular level
·         Enhances immune system
·         Increases stamina
For cancer patients :
Best to avoid eating meat or cut down (especially red meat like beef, mutton, duck… and pork) and not to take processed food.

·        Best to eat raw fruits and raw vege.
·        Avoid processed food like can drinks, chinese sausages, can food
·        Avoid white rice, white sugar, white bread
·        Sugar – take molasses sugar
·        Salt – consume sea salt
·        Avoid peanut, soy products
·        If can, go for organic food.
For better result, take Barley Green in powder form, mix with Beta Beet, Beta Carrot, Fiber Green and Probiotics.
These are safe for children and pregnant women. For powder form, take with room temperature water or cold water, use plastic or wooden spoon to scoop and shake in plastic bottle. Consume right away.

Contact me for more info and discount

Whatsapp : +60124771525
Email me anytime
Payment via Cash online transfer to:
Maybank : Josephine Lim Acc num : 157054857541
Paypal :
Free Delivery within Malaysia for purchase of 2 bottles and above.
Get 1 today for yourself.
Perfect as Christmas Gifts.

      Watch these Youtube of my dad’s testimonies, ask your friend to watch too. 
barley green

Beetroot Supplement Malaysia


Diarrhea or stomach problems? This might help : PROBIO+PLUS (Probiotics)

What can Probiotics do?

Here are some testimonials:

Ease Diarrhea condition.
Once my friend had food poisoning. Went to toilet for 5 times within less than 24 hours.
I gave him Probiotics, 3 times x 3 capsules (gap of 6 hours). He recovered without having to see doctor. I am not suggesting you do the same but am saying that Probiotics can help you recover faster.

Stomach related problem.
Another friend has been having stomach pain. Doctor's medicine didn't help much.
After she took Probiotics regularly, her pain was not as frequent and now very minimal (because sometimes she forgot to take Probiotics).

Reduces risk of Colon Cancer and helps recovery.
My dad would take a lot of Probiotics with Fiber Green and Barley Green to detox his colon. He had Colon Cancer stage 2. He did not go for any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. He changed his diet to raw fruits and raw vegetables. Plus he diligently took these 3 Products which helped him to recover completely from cancer.

Supplement and boost immune system.
As for myself, I normally try to avoid Antibiotics. I would take Probiotics especially when I sense flu is attacking. Sometimes I feel like Probiotics is magic for me.

PROBIO+PLUS (Probiotics)

10 Billion CFU per Capsule + Prebiotic. Quantity: 60 Capsules Benefits: Replenishes beneficial bacteria for better digestive health Restores the balance of microflora Boosts immune system Suggested Use: 2 capsules recommended to be taken once daily on an empty stomach (20 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal). Can be consumed with FiberGreen for better results. Ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilus 6.38mg (3 Billion cfu) Lactobacillus casei 5mg (3 Billion cfu) Lactobacillus plantarum 1.70mg (1 Billion cfu) Lactobacillus bulgaricus 20mg (1 Billion cfu) Bifidobacterium infantis 20mg (1 Billion cfu) Bifidobacterium longum 16.39mg (1 Billion cfu) Arabinogalactan (Prebiotic) 100mg Inulin (Prebiotic) 80mg Do not take with hot liquids since heat will diminish friendly bacteria. Storage and appearance: Every capsule might have slightly different colour or appear to have tiny dots. This is normal especially if you do not store in cool area. Please consumer regularly and store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.
Payment : Cash online transfer. Free Delivery within Malaysia for purchase of 2 bottles and above.
For more info, contact Josephine (+60124771525) or send email.

More info below.


Barley Green, Probio+Plus (Probiotics), Fiber Green:

Contact me if you wish to be healthier.