Thursday, April 19, 2018

Things Men Do That Women Hate

Yesterday, at the last hour, one member pulled out from her speaking slot. I decided to fill in the gap. Thanks to Mervyn Sinaga for sharing a post in Real Men and Relationships Forum, inspired me to speak about it.

My 2nd time doing an impromptu speech without script. I felt free. Still got a lot to improve on, that means more stage time. Yay!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lie only if you have high IQ

People with low IQ should not lie. They don't realise how they can get caught...almost too easily.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"You are only as good as your next speech"

What do you do when you failed or got defeated?

1. Shift the blame to others or luck?
2. Create excuses or reasons for your poor performance?
3. Cry like a baby?
4. Self-pity?
5. Get others to pity?
6. Ask where God was?
7. Admit that you were weak?
8. Give up?

How about asking that person in the mirror why he/she fucked up? Why went soft and weak? Is he/she interested to be better? How much do you want to improve? Are you comfortable with your current state?

If you don't put in extra effort, don't expect to be better the next time you deliver.
Mervyn Sinaga said "You are only as good as your next speech (or performance)".
Grow up, grow some balls, admit that you are weak and work for your goal.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Biggest Mistake People Make in Conversations by Mervyn Sinaga

I ride in Uber or Grab.
It's annoying when they appeared to dig into my personal life.

98% of them do not know what to say. 
1% of them are nice to chat with
1% were quiet

Mistakes what the 98% did:
1. Asked where I stay (if I stay where I was picked or going to)
2. Asked where I work
3. Asked if I am married/how many kids
4. Asked how much I make
5. Asked if I invest in any property
6. Asked me out (have not even attracted me yet, What Men Don't Understand About Attraction is they missed out the most important step - click the link to find out)
7. Told me details of his previous job
8. Told me where he/she lives
9. Told me where he/she used to work/working
10. Trying to impress me with how many properties he has

The conversations I enjoyed more were when we talked about:
1. Men
2. Women
3. Relationships
4. Cats/Dogs/Pets
5. Food
6. Politics
7. Interests
8. Travels
9. Education system

If you can share your opinions, observations, experiences, you are way less boring than those who only know how to talk about data.

Mervyn Sinaga gave very useful tips here :
The Biggest Mistake People Make in Conversations

Don't watch these two videos in the above links if you are comfortable being boring or creepy.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I am Angry, I am an Idiot.

Why people got angry or frustrated?

They are needy.

They have the need to :
1.       Win
2.       Be right
3.       Be understood
4.       Be at the Center of attention

Deny them any of these, they explode.
Some may even kill.

Oh, also, they think others are idiots when maybe they are the idiots.
I am an Idiot.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Be Considerate, Love Birds

Dear love birds,

Please do not block the escalators, because there are people who :

- need to rush for the toilet before they lao jio or lao sai
- need to rush for cucumbers, brinjals, whatever substitues before the supermarket closes
- have better things to do than watching how much space you both can fill
- go grab that pink shoes and matching handbags on sale
ARE considerate

Do your cuddling shit on the left side. You know enough how to compact 2 into 1.
Keep the right side empty.
Thank you.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Lost male dog - Behind Times Square Penang (MPPP Enforcement Office)

A male dog brown colour with collar loitering around behind MMall (Birch Regency condo).
Time : 12:10am
Date: 31 Jan 2017
Fed it some dry cat kibbles and water.
It was hungry. Hope his owner finds him soon.
Please share.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

To advise or not to advise?

People love to give advice, don't they? Especially those who are still young or think they know enough to give advice. 

I can understand, I was young once. I was hurt, angry, disappointed, frustrated, sometimes excited...all those emotions I needed to find some ways to channel out. So, what did I do? I started telling people what to do, what not to do, as if I was an expert. Sometimes I tried too hard, I needed to convince them. I needed to warn them. I needed to save them. Really? Could I? Can I? I needed to save myself first. I should be looking at myself and working on myself first. How much did I know? How much do I know to tell others? Yeah, ok...share but don't advise. 

When I said I knew better, I knew best....guess what? Some folks could be rolling their eyes or shaking their head at me. I don't know enough shit to tell people what to do or not to do. I must remind myself not to act like an expert. Tell what I know but don't have to have the need to convince and make them follow my idea or opinion.

Sometimes it's best to shut up and just do.
Now, that's probably the best advice for myself.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Best New Year Resolution for Men

New Year Resolution for 2017? Forget all those usual stuff you usually fail to achieve.
But here's a list of very important and useful things you should strive very hard to achieve.

Men, if you want to be a real man, here are 5 things you should stop doing right away.

You can thank Mervyn Sinaga later.

1. Girly things
Men, stop wasting your time doing girly things. If your girl wants to do girly things, like eating ice-cream in the mall, she can do that with her girl friends. Give her that freedom. Go with her on special occasions where you can be the man and show her a great time. Doing girly things will cost you A LOT OF MONEY.
2. Being Overly Nice
Being overly nice is for guys who need validation/approval. Spend your time aiming to achieve MUCH MORE in your life than opening doors or carrying her handbag. Parents will encourage you to be overly nice. Go that route if you wish. But never let it be said that I didn't warn you. Being overly nice will cost you A LOT OF MONEY.
3. Thinking Seriously About A Girl
Don't even spend time thinking about girls. If you want a girlfriend, just get one. It's not hard. Don't spend time thinking seriously about it. It's just a bit of fun. As men, you are capable of so much more than you think, but all I see is boys wasting time taking the whole girlfriend thing too seriously. Have you got nothing better to think about? Thinking seriously about a girl will cost you A LOT OF MONEY.
4. Relying on People's Advice
Stop asking people for advice. Unless it's mission-critical and you trust their vast experience. As a rule, go figure things out for yourself. If you want the answer to something, go make a mistake first, then reflect and make changes. Then talk about it with an experienced man. Don't rely on women for advice, ever. Go understand the principle of self-reliance before you go batshit crazy over what you just read.
4.1. Believing Facebook Posts, Even If It Is True
There's great info on the internet. But even if it is true, you shouldn't rely on it. Even reading this forum can be a waste of time. Why? Because as a man, you have the capacity to figure this stuff out all by yourself without needing a website to give it to you step-by-step. You also have the responsibility to hone this skill. The fact that I spell it out for you, time after time, disturbs me.
5. Buying things
Stop being a frivolous consumer. The industry has a million ways to persuade you to part with your money. If you must buy something, then buy manly things—things that have primarily some functional value. A nice watch is not primarily functional. It's cosmetic. Spend on things/services that help you become more skillful at something. A toolkit, not a makeup kit. Image is for girls. I'm serious. And when you buy it, for God's sake, put the fucking thing to good use. Then shaddap about it. Men don't need to get emotional about their tools/toys. Boys do. Being a frivolous consumer will cost you A LOT OF MONEY.
In 2017, the keys to your manhood are:
1. Go out and do—90% time
2. Spend a bit of time reflecting on what you learned—5% time
3. Plan your adjustments—5%
4. Re-do
If you do the above, your life will change. Is there time to dream about girls, or debate about who pays on the first date? No. Just move ahead with doing things, creating things, making ideas real, earning your savings targets and learning life skills like conversation, cooking and how to save & invest properly. Doing/learning these things will MAKE/SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY.
Finally, if you're truly grateful for something someone has done for you, let them know. But don't get all fucking girly about it. The attitude of gratitude is the most spiritual thing I will ever recommend. It will make you wholesome and healthy in spirit.
There is so much to do as a man in 2017. Get on it.
— Mervyn Sinaga, 3 Jan 2017