Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How many days can I go without much sleep?

For the past few months, I had been sleeping very little, averagely 3hrs a day. Odd hours too.
Last two days, I slept only 1hr a day. This week I am going to be very busy. I wonder by Friday, will I still be able to work without biting anyone?

I'm counting on coffee to help keep me sane and alive for now.

Anyone ever had such sleep deprived experience?
How was it for you? Comments 😃

Monday, March 25, 2019

Free Kittens for Adoption (Penang, Malaysia)

Good news for cats lovers! 

These two kittens are for someone with a big heart and love for cats. They are just so sweet and lovely together.

Charlie (short for Charlotte), ginger kitten, was found on early morning of 15th March 2019 with a collar and bell. Someone had abandoned her and she was seen eating grass earlier. She has no idea about the danger of traffic and we could not leave her there. She is litter-box trained and is very active. She has so much love to give and in return she asks for love, home and food.

Tilly (short for Mathilde), grey and white kitten, was found on early morning of 17th March 2019, believed to be the latest batch from Moo Moo’s (a female stray cat) litter. She is too young to walk and cross the roads to their ‘home’. Way too many cars at McD drive thru. She is free from Corona virus and looking for a forever home. She loves playing with Charlie (another ginger kitten we found 2 days earlier). It will be great if Tilly and Charlie can be together.

Please spread the love and hopefully they catch someone’s with a BIG MEOWY heart. Call/Whatapp +60124771525 for enquiry. Share these photos/post. Thanks!

To view photos of the Stray cats/kittens we have been feeding, click here.

If you wish to contribute, you may transfer to my Maybank account 157054857541 (Josephine Lim).
Your generosity will help ease us on expenses for food, medication and donation to a shelter at
PM or whatsap me for info (+60124771525)
Support us at

Please share our post/album/pictures.
Thank you in advance.
Much Love,
Us and Meowssss