Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May 30 – Sharing is Learning

I couldn’t sleep much last night, maybe slept too much earlier…and Skywalker was biting the cage whole night. I was having flu too, lucky thing I took Panadol flu…if not for dancing class on Mon, I would’ve called in sick.

Had a long con-call till my ear felt painful. Then it was lunch time…Gavin wanted to go ask for Celcom statement, the call centre told him to go BJ – 3rd floor, however the counter guy said they are too small to provide such service. Apa ni ? The Customer (Call centre) service ppl not helpful at all…somemore told him cannot compare Celcom with Digi….what kind of service is this ? Imagine if I were to tell my customers that ? Not professional at all. Anyway, we had Sushi for lunch…tah pao Sunrise, got Vitamin C, I hope. Actually I felt better.

I told Gavin abt how I felt, I am glad there’s some close pals to let out…
This afternoon I talk to Lilian (nope, not 5xmom) but a colleague in another dept. She told me how she managed to let go of her ex of 5 years. She too was miserable, keeping to herself, asking why this why that…until a cartoon (Peanut – Charlie Brown) struck her to her senses. She then realize how bad her ex treated her and she thanked God for saving her. Hmm…maybe when I am free, I should try that…write down a list on the negative stuff and hopefully I come to my senses!

C.Heen came over to me out of sudden and asked “Do u want to watch movie?” I looked at him, unsure what to reply….he whipped out a DVD and said “Nah, lend u this”…then walked away….duh….! For a moment, I was stunned….hmmm….weird…my sis always said he’s kinda weird.

My dancing class was cancelled, dunno which idiot overwrite over booking for the townhall. Poor John (instructor), he reached liao but had to turn back.

I stayed back finishing my report, Gavin dropped me home…Meow was playing badminton with colleagues. After his game, he came over. We were to lazy to go out, so had instant noodles at my home. I think he knows I am not feeling too good these days, yesterday Meow seems to treat me very nice…. :)

May 29 – My Understanding Guy

I slept for 12 hours ! Meow was hungry but he let me sleep and survived on some snacks. Poor thing. I was suffering from backache when I woke up, slept too long…ah po liao…my bones like a granny.

We had our first meal of the day at 5pm…curry fish head…nope, meat. Then he sent me to office to continue with my report while he play his PC games. That what then I bumped into Jean and had the conversation about my ex and his new gf.

I worked till around 10pm and we had so called supper. I asked Meow if he knows I am sad. He pretended not knowing…until I made him say…he said nicely to me….”after so long, u still sad over yr ex? Something wrong…”

Well, in a way I was glad to let it out, I dun wanna keep what I felt from Meow…and also I was glad that Meow didn’t show anger…he was so understanding. What am I thinking? I have my Meow who’s so understanding here…and I was feeling bad over my ex? Sigh ~~ ! I guess it must be the ‘bo kam muan’ part.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

More signs...

Is this coincidence or what ? I subscribed to daily astrology last time and this is what i received for today...

The Moon enters imaginative Pisces at 4:09 pm EDT, stirring up feelings from the realms of fantasies. In addition, sweet Venus tensely opposes dark Pluto, bringing more hidden feelings to the surface. Emotions build; passions mount. We now have the chance to dredge up issues of power, and jealousy, but this may not be an easy process. Still, it's better to face the issues than to ignore them. And with logical Mercury harmonizing with karmic Chiron, we are given the tools to heal what we have remembered from the past.

I met Jean when I was going into office...this is the conversation between us :

Jean : Hey, u know...yr ex and C.M.Ling...they are...
Me : On ?
Jean : Yeah...
Me : How u know ?
Jean : Saw told me...he told Saw.
Me : Yup, I met them yesterday.
Jean : Oh, did they hold hands ?
Me : I didn't see that...
Jean : well...i dunno...emm...
Me : Tell me something...are u close with her ?
Jean : We used to be in the same team, but never liked her...
Me : Oh, why do u say that ?
Jean : Everyone says she is wild...
Me : She still smokes ?
Jean : Yeah...and she er....*whispers* ..sleeps around.
Me : (huh! I did not make that up, so it's true!) Ya...I know...
Jean : But ur ex...we were saying...he must be blinded by love...
Me : Oh, well...maybe this is what he wants...he told me he wants to love the girl more than the girl (stupid me) loves him...hopefully he is happy this way.
Jean : *shake head*...(she looked more disappointed than me)
Me : Anyway, wait till he brings her back to his mom...
Jean : Ya...dunno how long they will last...
Me : Heh...dunno la...anyway, Meow's out there...go talk to him, gotta work...tata.


Ok, there ...managed to post some pictures.
If you wanna read previous posts, please click on May archives....
going to sleep now....nite.

Joez - Simply Me

Me Posted by Hello

Finally, a picture of me...sorry, only sideview ok.

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Singapore Trip Pix4

Beautiful Landscape in Changi Aiport.

Adios Singapore

Singapore Trip Pix3

Raffles City Plaza

Basement - Raffles City Plaza

Inside the Plaza

Singapore Trip Pix2

Desk and LCD TV

Coffee Machine which I didn't have time to enjoy the free Cuppacino/Latte/Espresso

Washroom...loved the Mirrors, esp the pull-out one on the top right side

Wow, got weighing scale and shoe shine area!

Singapore Trip Pix1

Executive Room exactly like the one I stayed. This picture is taken from Swissotel the Stamford official website.

Balcony view

Left Side view

View Right Below

May 28 – Face the Fact

Met up with Claire with her new bf, Alvin and Y.Nee at Dome, Island Plaza. Had good time catching up but poor Meow was bored and sleepy. Claire n bf left us while the rest of us stayed till almost 6pm. Just as we walked out, guess who we bumped into?

My ex and C.M.Ling ! He looked surprised, I guess it did not cross his mind he might meet anyone familiar here, coz Island Plaza not as popular as Gurney Plaza. C.M.Ling went straight to ladies…didn’t even say hi. As I walked away, I asked Meow where the toilet is, he told me, it was just there…ok, I didn’t wanna go coz she is in there….so I went into MNG shop for awhile…5 mins later, ex and her came in…again, she went to another section hidden away…while my ex came over to say hi and talked to Meow. We exchanged few lines before I said goodbye…ok, now I can go to ladies.

Actually it was good to bump into them…at least I see with my own eyes now. God has been showing me signs…time to really let go. Hey, I am fine. In fact I was laughing to myself inside. My ex did not like accompanying me shopping…he said boring and waste of time…but now….haha…I wonder if he will still do the same few months later…at least I know my Meow still do. Think of the bright side…h
ex is willing to sacrifice for love liao…like my dad…he did not even accompany my mom shopping…but with his gf, he even sat for hours in the saloon waiting for her.

I had my watch’s battery change…it was almost 15 – 20 mins when done (plus from the time we met them), so we had to pass by MNG again to go to the lift, I saw her still in the shop…but no sign of my ex. Hmm…that makes me feel great…Meow never leaves me….he would wait nearby when I shop…even when I ask him to go somewhere first, he would always stay around. That is one of the sweetest thing I like about him.

After that I suggested we go watch Madagascar…he was tired I could see but still he said ok. Luckily he enjoyed the show. Then we headed to Esplanade for our ‘healthy’ dinner – Rojak and fruits. Meow was so sleepy driving back…we stopped by my house to get my laptop and stuff. He was already worn out by the time he reached home. He slept late last night n had to work this morning.
He was already sleeping when I came out from shower…poor thing. I logged into office’s network to do my reports – partially…so tired…so I decided to update my blog.

Ok, so I guess that’s it…signs given and truth is out. I finally find out how I feel. Makes me realize that Meow is more loving and caring. I just hope he won’t disappoint me again.

May 25 – Complicated relationship

It has been pretty ‘peaceful’ at work for 2 days. Thank God for answering my prayers. How I wish it’s always like that. I actually get to formulate my working file so it’s easier to just dump my data in and have my report done faster.

I even had the time to go listen on the Medical Health Talk (follow up from last month’s blood/urine test). I asked the doc on my Rheumatoid Factor – he said my case very serious, should go see specialist….ya, but tomorrow Meow’s working, so had to postpone again. Hopefully next week able to make it, the pain is getting worse. I can almost predict rain…I told Gigi and Lay Leng…they perli me…asked if it was raining in KL…teng !

Gavin’s in Bangkok, Chris on MC…I was debating whether to skip lunch, buy bun or go eat at cafeteria….luckily….Gigi accompanied me…so I packed lunch and ate at her place…it was great to catch up a little.
Back to my place, I continued my report, relaxed a while, even had the time to go chat with W.Shan, Albert and Anthony L. I offered to help Eugene (my cube mate) some Excel skills on his report. He is a temp on 3 months training. Was half way helping Eugene when someone smacked my back (upper of coz). Turned around…hmmm….my god-bro bullied me again. Jason was standing next to him….makes me wonder if god-bro is his partner in crime ? I forgot to ask Jason about that.

Saw the photos sis sent….Ryan is growing up fast…he got cute sexy lips. :)

I left early today…felt nice for a change compared to last week. On the way out, I saw my ex…he looked busy. Told me he’s going for movie date with C.M.Ling. Well, what else can I say other than “enjoy yourselves”. Part of me was like, why u tell me? I dun wanna know what u do or where u go with that bitch….but yet another part was dying to know…sigh ! Why is it so hard….so damn hard to let go totally? It’s not that I dun love Meow…it’s very difficult to explain exactly how I am feeling…I guess it’s b’coz I cannot accept the fact he’s choosing her with all those personalities/habits which he used to blacklist ! Maybe I will be ok if my ex turns gay!

Had dinner at Taman Pekaka, Meow was still full, he has badminton later, so he didn’t eat. I kind of unhappy he chose to go for badminton tonight…to me, Fri night is most relaxing…should go for date / enjoy…another reason is….i know he will break his promise again….which he did. I am so disappointed…I dun wanna say more.

Lately I have mixed feelings…sometime I feel guilty when I looked at Meow…I just wish I can erase my memory on my unhappiness. Why must my life be so complicated? I read abt love…P.Lin sent me….there was one line which says “Dun marry someone u can live with, but marry someone u can’t live without”….that made me ponder…can I live without Meow ? I knew I couldn’t live without ex….for Meow, I am still discovering….our relationship still young I guess. I need a lot of convincing from him…maybe…after a terrible pain…I am more demanding now. I want lotsa love, commitment, security…almost every day I would ask Meow if he loves me…I know he gets frustrated…I can’t help it…coz I am not convinced…perhaps it’s off peak now and he pays more attention to his games…that reminded me of my ex…so end up feeling upset or moody. Do all guys behave like that ? In the first few months….things were great…then later…pattern/colour comes out liao….women no longer treated like Queen liao. Men switch to King’s mode. Maybe it’s better to stay single…less problem.

Waa…3am soon, better go sleep. Will post this on Sat coz I dun have streamyx at home.

May 24 – Broken promises

Surprisingly I had a quiet day at work, not much mails/phone calls. I could actually concentrate on my report. Even had the time to send few mails to ex-colleagues.

Finally, I submitted my travel claims…came to almost RM 2k. But dun think I will get the claims until July coz need to go through 3 levels of approvals…and u know how often bosses read mails la…they screen for those important to them first…this sort of mail….nothing to them la…sigh !

Gavin was stressed…he was forced to hand-carry parts to Bangkok…he called me around 10.30pm to inform he was boarding the flight and will be back Fri evening. Well, that’s our job, no boundaries…sigh ! Sales dun care, as long as their deals are secured. Thank goodness I dun have to go to my Sales team’s outing in June, Pulau Jerjak…so shiok, their team building coincide with my own team’s kick-off at Genting. Yeah !! Dun like wearing ‘mask’ and smiling among those monkeys ler. Of coz not all are monkeys…there are indeed some nice Salesppl there, but mostly are …….. !! Sigh ~!

Meow went for badminton, so I went home early, showered and in time to watch American Idol – finale. As predicted, Carrie won. But I knew the result before I watched…hiya, Ashotiwoth posted in his blog…I kepo went to read, teng !

Had durians dad bought…sis called, told her, she ‘lau nua’ (drooling). Could hear Ryan singing in the background. After talking to sis, I still had to wash the cage…Yoda & Skywalker look so happy tearing the newly laid tissues and transferring the seeds/oats under the bedding. At least nowadays I am more used to noises they make at night…unless too loud, I would wake up and ‘nag’ them…blow them till they keep quiet. One piece of advice, if u are a light sleeper, dun keep hamsters/mice/guinea pig…they are awake when u sleep, and sleep when u are awake. Oh…eat a lot and shit a lot too. Hehehe.

I was tired after that, so I went to bed first while waiting for Meow to call. He called around 1.30am I think…I remembered asking if he did smoke…well, the answer’s always the same. :(
He promised tomorrow will not….ya, a promise awaiting to be broken.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

May 25 - Better...

Phew ~! At least today I can still chat with Y.Nee & Claire. Claire is on Cloud 9 with new bf. Will meet the gang this Sat.

Chris still not feeling well since back from Genting. He didn't join in lunch for long time already. Healthy lunch today - Yong Tau Hu at BJC foodcourt. Gavin and I discussed abt our workload....seems like we were doing a lot of non-related jobs...sigh...what can we do....we have a 'Grandpa' from different background...kept asking us to do so many reports, make Eval Orders our target and it affects our performance...sigh! Gavin called "Mummy", he was very pek cik today...but "Mummy" also pek cik....but she said she will talk to "Grandpa" on that.

Good news - our Genting trip approved for next month, own team's trip....some sort like team building....this one without 'Grandpa", hehehe....only "Mummy" with 5 "Daughters" and 2 "Sons"...all from different countries, except Gavin and I from M'sia. Yeah...we are taking flight to KL. :)

Today can go off earlier....but tomorrow...worry abt that tomorrow....

Still haven't take dinner, Meow's taking his nap.
Ok, me wanna go wake him up, getting hungry.

May 16 to 24 - Busy and stressed out

Last week was very hectic for me. Was working my butt out. Struggling with some reports I had to come out with limited time line. Luckily my colleague SSum helped me. God bless her.

Weekend was also hectic. Friday evening, I was working till almost 3am, just to ensure one urgent and important Order was built and delivered by Sat noon. Early Sat morning, my hp rang non-stop...everyone looking for Logistic guy...and thought I am magician....walau eh. Logictic guy was the last person in the whole process....he didn't answer I sent him SMS coz forwarder's drivers wanted to leave liao...damn....finally the L. guy answered my phone. Thank goodness the shipment was secured and at last I could enjoy my lunch.

After lunch, went to Annie's new apartment (she's Meow's colleague). Nice place, they played ping pong while I composed Melody on my hp. After that makan at Swatow Lane...spicy yummy Indian Mee :)

Dinner time, Meow and I had Rojak and Belitung at Esplanade....yes ! I really needed that kind of enjoyment after so much stress.

Sunday - went back to office to work from 7pm till 11pm. Back to Meow's place....later log in again.

May 23 - Monday - PH replacement, log-in from Meow's place...didn't wanna go office coz cannot concentrate with the Sales bugging me.

May 24 - Back to work...pek cik again. I hardly have time to chat with anyone. Ex came over to my cube to get something...which 1st ex passed thru Meow's ex (is that complicated ?) when she went to Shanghai. Ex stood there chatting, I think more than half hour. He told me he already 'on' with C.M.Ling....I was ok....I have let I thought...but last nite, before I sleep, I couldn't explain how I felt...then I dreamt about him...I wish I can let go completely....but at least I have let go a lot leh.

May 15 – Back from Genting

Woke up, shower, time to check out, there wasn’t time for lunch. Gavin said we could have our meal at Delifrance which is at the Skyway station down there. Oops ! Sudah ‘Wong Fei Hung sao thong’ (Closed down). And the food court there was smelly, like somebody’s puke. Yuck ~!
Left without much choice, we settled for buns/paos at a stall nearby, so had to take our light lunch in the bus until we reach Tapah rest area. Had chicken rice there, with NESCAFE ICE (yes, I miss my coffee!) I didn’t notice the KFC and Baskin Robbins until Gavin told us (he woke up from his nap and joined us) 5 mins later. Damn lotsa flies there…lucky thing I did not ‘LS’. Went to ‘tah pao’ wedges and coke at KFC. I was thirsty for caffeine, so coke would have to do.

Couldn’t sleep on the bus shut my eyes anyway. Reached Pg office around 7pm, Meow was already waiting for me. :)

Monday, May 23, 2005

May 13 to 14 - Genting trip

Ok, let's go back track a bit...i was too bz to update my blog.

May 13 - Office's network down. While most are happy, I am not, I still have to work on my reports. And can’t get all data which I am supposed to download from our web system. And worse…can’t do it over the weekend coz will be going to Genting tonight. In the end, told the bosses (not my direct boss)….hehe.

10.30pm, Gavin & Chris were outside my house, waiting for me…they forgot to call me. Rushed and stuffed my clothes into another bag (was bz figuring which bag to take). Reached company, all looked excited about the Genting trip. I went to washroom like 3 times…dunno why, always have the urge to pee before a journey…bad habit. They took pictures, I didn’t join in, coz me only invited guest. So, I sat with Chris in the bus. Journey started slightly before midnite, two busses…there were around 40ppl, not much talking, I guess it’s more important to restore energy. Bus stopped at the Tapah rest area, renovated, reminded me of Bali…there were ponds and fishes, rocks structures, quite nice, but had to walk damn far to the washroom. Bus drove straight to First World Hotel’s lobby…great, didn’t have to take cable car. Reached the top at around 5.30am.
There were 2 rooms for us to leave our baggage., brushed teeth, rest (bad idea if u think u can sleep in there…small room with 20+ bags and already 6 ppl (wives/children of the dept head) in there.

Chris, Gavin & I decided to roam around Casino, hunting for food. Had RM 4.50 breakfast (sausage/fried eggs/beans). No drinks, one Milo cost RM 3.00 !! No thanks, water will do. After breakfast, followed the 2 guys around…we settled for a game, something like Toto, sitting there, like having tuition class, I helped them take down the pattern of numbers. I tried once, I won RM 4.00, haha…good enough. Then it was time to check-in. Great, after shower, 3 of us slept like pig till almost 1.30pm. We had late lunch before queuing for the indoor rides. I was lazy to go play outdoor, I let Chris had my strip. I went shopping instead ! Ya…they both peril me, 2 hours also can shop, I bought 2 blouses, got sale ma !

Dinner time, buffet…already in the package…I didn’t have coffee…coz Chris said later we go for Starbucks. We rushed for a free concert – Comic Boyz ( ) – got these tickets when purchased the indoor theme park ticket. Dun ask me who they are, I only got to know abt them that day and it was their last concert. Good looking guys, mostly look sissy to me. Sang off tune….no wonder have to ‘close shop’. 2 hours there…I was almost falling asleep, maybe b’coz it’s not Jacky Cheung’s concert, it was so different last time I went there for his 2nd concert in that year…2002 ? And maybe b’coz I didn’t have any coffee for more than 24 hours !
After the concert, Gavin headed to Casino while Chris & I went back to room…bought a Cotton candy (grape flavour – purple colour) to share. I had my shower, but then he was too lazy to go out, so…no Starbucks. We slept early…abt 3am, Gavin came back telling me he was still very excited from his table game…poor thing…but he won RM 300.00!

Ok, not sure if I have time to blog about the next few days…it’s gonna be hectic day for me tomorrow.

How I became broke

Ok, have just finished another report at around 3am.

Well, had very late lunch at around 4pm. Wanted to get a Shiseido lipstick for Claire but I thought maybe go look around look around I did...ended up buying stuff for myself :P

I did have a good time but poor Meow was probably bored and tired waiting for me to choose and tried some blouses. I bought 4 !! 50 % discount ma...
Next, I saw a nice cardigan....Sale....less than RM 20.00 !! I don't go for brands when it comes to long as look nice to me.

Oh ok...time to really shop for Claire's b'day present. Lucky thing Meow was with me. He helped me pick nice Carlo Rino's mini purse (can turn into handbag). So cute, I ended up buying one for myself too :P

Then on the way to cashier...aiya... SK II....remember I wanted to buy the Miracle Water 2 months back? Well...might as well buy lo, since got SSQ member card, can get discount. I reminded myself to only get the Facial Treatment Essence and nothing else...but guess what? I ended up buying additional Facial Treatment Cleanser ! (Aiya, got one free mask and a 15g of Signs treament ma - self console ~!)

Not finished still...went to have a look at the new renovated area (last time used to be foodcourt)...and then to basement....ended up buying some RM 100+ toileteries and groceries !
Last week...same thing...was supposed to get a bolster...but saw comforter/bedsheet on sale wor. I think I spent RM 1000 + just within 2 weeks at SSQ ! Ok, must remind myself not to shop at SSQ until my next pay is out ! Really broke liao...sigh!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Broke - Shop till Drop!

I am very much broke now...went to SSQ to get a present for Claire...cute mini bag. Nope, not broke b'coz of that...but incurred from 'Unintended Purchase' ! If got time, will talk about it later. :P

Just finished one of my many reports and am very hungry now. Meow's coming over to fetch me...gotta go.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Terrible week

It's 3 am now and I've just finished my work from home. So...that explains my disappearance for days....I am so worn out....need to rest for now. Will be back when I can....when ?? Hmm....sigh ~!

Monday, May 16, 2005

I am back

Decided to continue but only update when I can lo....sigh ~~! I am too forgetful, so need to blog.

May 4 – Ex told me got progress with C.M.Ling. What progress I asked…he said closer ….talk more. Ceh….i thot dating liao. God bless la !

May 5 – Didn’t spend a cent today, ate at Cafeteria and dinner – ‘eat myself’, cooked maggi mee. Slight argument.

May 6 – big fight, make peace.

May 7 – shopped for biscuits, get new hp for replacement, first time Meow agreed to eat sushi with me.

May 8 – Flew to Singapore. Waited for 15 mins before my luggage came out. Damn beautiful room. Wish Meow

was with me. Had a good rest, went shopping next door – Raffles City Plaza. Nice place,
some sort like our KLCC. Worked in room till almost 2am. Bed / Pillow so soft and nice.

May 9 – Work / Training in Singapore office. Big boss treated Dim Sum for lunch. Back to hotel by MRT, one station

nya. MRT hall got lotsa shops, walked, walked….curious ma, saw Suntec City Mall opposite, but saw the
Starbucks Coffee outlet (hehe, me big fan of SB Coffee). Too tired to walk over, some more carrying my
laptop. Back to hotel to shower, then continue my shopping at Raffles City Plaza, bought some souvenirs,
including for myself, broke liao ! Shopped till almost 10.30pm, quickly ‘tah pao’ Frap. Espresso back to
room, Order in-room dining – prawns, abalone; comes with fries, salad and buns, so yummy…I was damn
hungry, but did not finish the fries & buns. Continue to work for a while before I slept around 1.30am. Oh…I
had to miss my first ballroom dancing lesson.

May 10 – Checked out, Continue training. Lunch – Japanese food, finance analyst’s treat. Back to Penang, yes !!

Miss Penang so much. Had light snack at airport – Changi airport damn damn big. Bought some choc. and
candies. Cab driver spoke to me in Mandarin, I did respond a little with my limited Mandarin, then I was like
‘Si ah, tui, ohh….ok”. He finally talked to me in English. :P
Meow was already waiting when I arrived and got my luggage. Skipped dinner coz at in airplane liao, Meow

had his earlier. I missed him a lot.

May 11 – Didn’t see Meow today. Had dinner with Gavin & Chris. Reached home 10.30pm, Meow said too late and

tired liao…hmm…last time….sigh!

May 12 – Dinner with Meow, then to my place, he too busy watching badminton and went for the game. Ironed

clothes, pack for trip to Genting.

That's all for now. Gotta go.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I have not decided whether to continue this blog boh, even if yes, it may not be the same anymore…not that frequent.
Am having headache…lotsa work to do. More reports to analyse and generate, more shits to clear, more pimples, more grey hair, more stress…

Saturday, May 07, 2005

To Continue or Not ?

Sorry for MIA for some time.

I am considering whether I still wanna continue this blog...personal reason. Most likely not...maybe 'close shop'.

Will decide next week when I am back from Singapore...celaka, have to go for business trip this Sun. Sien...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

May 3 - Working Out

Didn’t feel like working after been sick so many days.
Work ok la, not as busy as last week since this is the first working day of new quarter.
Still got ‘sampah’ to settle ler, but can steal time to read blogs :P

Waiting for 6pm is like forever. Been suffering from shoulder ache and backache. Must remind myself to get a cushion for my butt ler…need to sit higher.

Meow’s dad is back home. He still didn’t try taking the neem leaves juice…I dunno how Meow’s not persuading his dad. Maybe communication problem kua.

Since Meow has badminton, I got home earlier. Had almost 3 hours of ‘exercise’ cleaning my room. Dunno ler, always like that, dunno if anyone’s like me…when I start to clear some stuff, I found some other stuff and then later another stuff comes out. For example hor, wanna sweep floor but my stack of bills and cards there…ok, need to do filling, go take files…then out came some photos, see photos for a while, then open cards see who sent, store cards away…then next, books, aiya, need to clear away unwanted books, then found old assignments….think think for few minutes, throw or keep…ok lo, keep. Next, Avon books…aiya, flip flip…eh, this one that one promotion, ok, remind myself need to go buy this weekend….ok ok, need to go back to main task, clean room…hehehe.

Well, that wasn’t what happened last nite, but usually. Last nite was solely clean and throw stuff. Readjust some stuff around…oops, luckily didn’t hurt my back. Last was to change to my new bedsheet from Gavin & Chris. Light blue…feel so soft and nice. Finally, I bathed at 12am+, then time to ‘kao tim’ my kids…was so tired when I finally get to make myself a cup of Milo + Nestum…ya la, my Singapore Char Bee Hoon digested liao…had dinner at 7pm.

Meow called me at 1.30am but I think I fell asleep around an hour later. My kids making nose biting the cage…I think I barely sleep ler.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Orthopaedic Surgeon wanted

I wonder if anyone knows which Orthopaedic Surgeon is good in Penang, I mean which hospital?
I need to go see one this week.

Do Men get Jealous?

Men do get jealous, they just dun show it overtly or immediately.

Last week, 2 days after I blogged about my god-bro messing with my hair whenever he passed by my cube…Meow suddenly blurted that no guys are to touch my hair. I was surprised and almost forgot about the hair thing…I mean, to me, it was a small matter. Then…ah ha…I teased him. He jokingly put a pen knife into my bag, asked me to use it if he touches my hair again :P

Last time, my ex saw me keeping SMSes from my old heartthrob, and that was my very old hp…could only store 20 SMSes…and that time, his SIM card cannot send SMS. So, what he did was, he subscribed to internet for free SMS. I was happy to receive his sweet messages, but later I felt weird why so many in a day. In the end, he couldn’t resist, he asked me why still got that guy’s SMS in there :P

So, they do get jealous but not that often.

Monday, May 02, 2005

May 2 - Feeling Better

My flu's gone, just coughing a little. What a waste...3 days off and I was sick. Been sleeping a lot, other times were allocated for visiting Meow's dad at the hospital and filling up my stomach. His dad is better and can be discharged tomorrow.

Late lunch again, but it's worth it. Had Char Koay Teow and some Laksa at Genting Coffee Shop. Of course, it would not be complete without buying some 'Tau Hua', borrow picture from here.

Back to Meow's place, I had to 'study' some stuff from work. Meow had a nap while I 'clean' his beard. Login a while to see if got any issues...luckily no...still early...I might as well post May's apartment pictures as promised. Then Meow woke up, said I no need to go hospital wor...ok, I continue to do what I promised my Sis. Finally, she got her favourite links up.

Then, now here I am, with 'Tau Hua' in my tummy...yum yum...I might as well go backward and update my blogs for past 3 days.

Soya Bean Curd
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May 1 - Neem Leaves

More like yesterday, woke up, time to visit Meow's dad. Damn hungry, waited till 3pm before we had lunch at Pulau Tikus.
Meow's big bro and sis went back to KL. After lunch, headed to One-Stop shopping complex as his mom wanted to buy some 'feng shui' bracelets. His nephew damn happy when I bought him fries and sundae cone from McD. That kept the little brat busy for a while.

Had some rest before it was time to visit his dad again. His dad's sugar level rose up, asked to take home the condensed milk as doc advised not to consume it. Dropped his mom and nephew home before we go for our dinner. I was craving for rice...I am 'phui tang', need to eat rice (so many days didn't eat liao), so I bugged Meow about having 'choo-char'. Yeahh...yummy dinner at 'Leng' Aunty's choo-char near my place. Curry fish meat, fried belachan chicken and fried kangkong with chilli. So damn full and satisfied.
Saw my ex-sch mate, G.Cheng. She's a kindy teacher now...I guess money's not everything.

Dropped by my home to feed Yoda & Sky Walker. Gave them some carrots and also new ball biscuits. They would carry the food and hide under the paper base...dun be deceived....still a lot of food down there! Naughty boys !

Dad came back from Church, asked about Meow's dad. He told us about neem leaves (daun mambu). A kind of leaf that is good for healing or preventing high blood pressure, diabetic, fever, cancer, arthritis, skin disorder, hair disorder, etc. For more information, visit :

Here's a picture of the tree. It's almost everywhere along the roads...some more it's free, provided you are not caught by MPPP.
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Neem Leaves
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Three of us (myself, dad and Meow) went out in the dark, collecting as much neem leaves as possible. We had almost half bag full (rubbish bag). Back to Meow's place, we saw one big tree just opposite his house. :p

We washed and soaked the leaves so that tomorrow can blend them with a little water, to be drank. Very good for diabetic.

We had supper at Mamak...ya ya, eat again lo....slept least I felt better liao.

Apr 30 - Sick liao

Woke up early coz Meow has work today. Dropped me home so I continue to zzz till noon. Gavin buzzed me but I was too sick to go shopping with him. He came to take his memory key which he left at office last nite. Meow came over to shower before we had late lunch. He was supposed to go Annie's new apartment, but maybe b'coz of me, he cancelled.

I was still sick, I had nap again. Then it was time to go visit his dad. He looks better, lost 3kg in 2 days, and then maintained at current weight. Saw his mom brought condensed milk for him, I told Meow, better not let his dad take it, too sweet, but he kept quiet.

After 8pm, visiting hour done...we were all hungry. Had big bowl of 'thong sui' at Jelutong with Hokkien Mee. What a disappointment, my fav. Char Koay Kak stall not open wor. No wonder the Hokkien Mee seemed tasteless....sorry, just wanna blame, it's my flu la...everything taste bitter liao.

Back home, I managed to post one day's update before I surrender to the bed. I've been like a pig.

Apr 29 - Super busy

EXPEDITE ! Yup, most common word for the day. Due to last minute rush from Sales, all other depts had to stay late to ensure all shipments are safely loaded into truck before finance can invoiced the orders (for revenue to be recognised within the quarter). In between the many 'hoo-haas', some yelled, some begged, some were sarcastic, some were get to see the good guys vs. bad guys.

I left by 7pm to visit Meow's dad at LWE Hospital. His big bro (as old as my bro) and youngest sis (same age with mine) were there too. I am glad they all seem nice, unlike my ex's family...they were too 'cool'.

Dinner, Nasi Kandar with his family. After shower, I logged in to check with Liza & Grace from OP. Pity them, still in office to make sure all shipments are ok. There were some problems. Some orders left out and not made aware to me, hence might not be loaded in time. Called Gavin and later the Sales Manager made noise, she scolded the 2 girls. What la...scold them for what? Not even a Thanks, they were so overloaded. Poor girls. In the end, issue settled with Finance and big shot from Logistics. By the time I log off, it was already 12am+ and I was down with flu.

I told dad about Meow's dad and me not going home. Later Dad asked for his father's name, wanna say prayers for him, but he said no need to tell them if they dun believe in Christianity. My dad seems quite concern and been giving advice on diabetic diet.

Lavinia Apartment for Sale

Living hall


TV Cabinet

Built-in Wardrobe

Dining Area


Details :

Name: Lavinia Apt

Location: Tmn Sri Nibong

Built Up Area: 1100sf

Fully furnished

Sell$: RM 250K (negotiable)

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