Thursday, February 23, 2017

"You are only as good as your next speech"

What do you do when you failed or got defeated?

1. Shift the blame to others or luck?
2. Create excuses or reasons for your poor performance?
3. Cry like a baby?
4. Self-pity?
5. Get others to pity?
6. Ask where God was?
7. Admit that you were weak?
8. Give up?

How about asking that person in the mirror why he/she fucked up? Why went soft and weak? Is he/she interested to be better? How much do you want to improve? Are you comfortable with your current state?

If you don't put in extra effort, don't expect to be better the next time you deliver.
Mervyn Sinaga said "You are only as good as your next speech (or performance)".
Grow up, grow some balls, admit that you are weak and work for your goal.

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